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Site-specific photographic installation: inkjet photos printed on polypropylene; wall materials

7' x 7' x 6'



Installation: Centre Culturel Calixa-Lavallée, Montréal, QC, 2009


Hollow is a site-specific installation about Parc Lafontaine in Montréal; it is situated in the cultural centre in the middle of the park.  Parc Lafontaine used to be Logan Farm; it was a hold-out farm while the city developed around it.  Eventually, though, the farm was sold to the City of Montréal, and when it was transformed into a park in the 1800s, the top four feet of soil were purportedly removed from the land.  This striking piece of information - believable or not - is a powerful symbol for the loss of agricultural land and farm life, and it forms the basis for this quiet monument.


My installation uses photographic wallpaper installed in a constructed room, to replicate the experience of standing in a grave-like hole in the middle of the park.  The hole is four feet deep, in direct reference to the lost land and farm.

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