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Granary (Anticipated Collapse 2009)

Granary (Anticipated Collapse 2009)

Photographic installation: inkjet photos printed on vinyl; wall materials

10' x 12' x 10'



Granary (Anticipated Collapse 2009) consists of a life-size reproduction of the floor of a traditional wooden granary: an iconic Prairies structure that is disappearing.  This particular granary has been used by my family for three generations; it displays much evidence of past activity, from the marks of oil drums, to leftover grain, to scraps of metal used to patch holes in the floor. 


Each section of the floor was photographed on large-format film; the sections were then digitally merged.  The photograph is printed on vinyl flooring and installed directly on the gallery floor.  Viewers must walk on the photograph; thus, they stand in the position of the farmers that once stood in the granary.


Thank you to the Canada Council for the Arts for supporting this project.

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