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Silver gelatin photographs

40”x 50”



Fell depicts the dark root balls at the base of fallen trees. The root balls resemble caves or black holes which, because they are almost body-sized, create a strong pull for the viewer, while remaining quite threatening.  Their reference to voids connects the images to time and to death, conceptually linking them to the history and theory of photography. 


Fell was shot on large-format b/w film in locations across Western Canada. The images were printed by hand through a process that, because of the final photos’ size (40”x50”), was physically demanding and time-consuming, and which required me to travel to the Banff Centre to use their rare mural darkroom facilities. 


It is conceptually significant that the traditional photographic methods used to make Fell are dying.  Disappearance is embedded in these images, through the process of their making, and through their subject matter.


I gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Winnipeg Arts Council with funding from the city of Winnipeg, and the University of Manitoba Creative Works program.

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